MSI InstallManager Library

I have created a codeplex project from a tool I needed a while back the InstallManager library.

MSI Install Manager is an API that allows you to install an MSI within a .NET application. You can create a WPF install experience and drive the execution of the MSI within.
(In fact you can use command line, Winforms, or any other .NET capable client )

The project contains

  • a reference implementation of a .NET 4.0 wrapper over the native MSI API. For more information about the Windows Installer API see MSDN.
  • a reference implementation of a bootstrapper project that ensures that .NET FW 4.0 is installed as pre-requisite.
  • a sample WPF application that shall be deployed by the msi file.
  • sample msi setup project that deploys the sample application
  •  2 sample WPF installer applications that can be extracted and run by the bootstrapper, These extract and govern the execution of the MSI.

Running the original msi:

Installing via sample WPF UI:

Download get the InstallManager Source

You can get the latest source code from

I’m going to gather all the related links about the project here:


~ by baloghp on August 13, 2012.

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