Install Manager Solution

Examine the solution


This is the bootstrapper project. I started off using the the setup sample in the Windows SDK and extended it to include the .Net FW 4 net installer.

InstallerGUI and InstallerGUI2

These two projects are two samples of a WPF UI based installer. InstallerGUI is a wizard based UI and it is using the wizard control from WPF Extended Toolkit. The InstallerGUI2 is a custom UI to demonstrate MSI install and uninstall.


The Models Project contains some diagrams bout the solution.


This is the application the MSI will install.


This is the project that creates the MSI file that installs the SampleApplication.

Embedding relationships:

The Bootstrapper project must embed the WPF installer. When it finds that all pre-requisites are installed it will extract the WPF installer to a temp location and start it.

The WPF installer must embed the MSI. It will extract it to a temp location and manage its execution internally.

To effectively manage the embedding relationships among project outputs the solution contains a Drop folder where these project outputs are copied by a postbuild event. In addition these items are added on solution level under the Drop solution folder. These items are added “As Link” to individual projects pointing to their Drop folder copy.

To prevent the XCOPY errors of the DropReadonly.vbs makes sure that even if checked in these files are re-writable on build.


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